e-SMBG Security Policy

We use the SSL/TLS protocol to encrypt transmitted data to protect personal information and registration data of customers on the e-SMBG system (hereby referred to as this system).
SSL(Secure Socket Layer protocol) is the encryption communication method to protect personal information of customers on web sites more safely.

Furthermore, we placed a server in a highly secure ‘medical cloud,’ designed specifically for the medical field, in order to securely keep the important data of customers. The medical cloud complies with the guidelines of government agencies (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications).

In case you are not able to access correctly, it could be caused by the following situations

・ When you access through in-house LAN, processing might not be conducted correctly because of the configuration of a firewall or proxy
・The system might not operate properly due to false recognition of a virus check server. These situations are considered to be caused by the configuration of the customer’s network system.
Please ask the network system management department or the person in charge of your network system.