e-SMBG Cloud Update

Notice of addition of function2022/01/11

Thank you very much for using our service.
Today, we will contact you because we have added the following features.

1.Addition of viewer chat function

A function has been added so that comments can be exchanged with viewers on the chat screen.

- Switch between the conventional comment format and chat format in the settings.
(When switching from the conventional comment format for the first time to the chat format, the conventional comment data will be converted to the chat format and will continue to be available in the chat format.)

- Chat-style comments cannot be used when e-SMBG is linked with MEQNET SMBG Viewer for comments. Please be careful.

【Screens used by users】
Screens used by usersScreens used by users
【Screen used by viewers】
Screen used by viewersScreen used by viewers

【Setting method】

After logging in as a viewer, click the setting buttion to display the setting screen and set from the "comment method".