e-SMBG Cloud Update

Notice of additional of functions - Video calling function -2020/4/13

Thank you for using the e-SMBG service.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it has been difficult for diabetic patients to go to the hospital.
As a provider of this service, we decided to urgently consider whether it would be useful, and decided to open a video call function as a new function of e-SMBG.

* According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's announcement on February 28, 2020, regarding `` medical care and handling of prescriptions using telephones and information and communication equipment to increase the number of new coronavirus infectious disease patients, '' regular consultation patients with chronic diseases, etc. It is now possible to make a consultation using a telephone or information and communication equipment to Mr. and Mrs.
Reference: "Temporary Handling of Medical Fee for New Coronavirus Infection (Part 2)"

By using this function, you can make a video call between the "e-SMBG Cloud" browsing screen and the "Smart e-SMBG" application screen. Various application systems that can make video calls are already provided by various companies, but for facilities and patients who already use e-SMBG, introduction of new systems and You can easily use the video call function without making any settings.
This function can be used free of charge for the time being until the effects of COVID-19 converge. We hope that you can try this function on this occasion.

* Internet communication fees will be charged separately.
* Since the functions required for so-called online medical treatment are not fully equipped, please use video calls instead of conventional telephones.
* Smart e-SMBG requires iPhone version Ver.1.1.55 or later, Android version Ver1.1.50 or later.