Tara Tsek

[Tara Tsek] App for Smartphone(Android・iOS) offer many useful function for diabetic patient, like “Blood glucose level management””Diet record” ”Pedometer” and ”Vital Records Control”

About connection to the "blood glucose meter"
■Android version of "Tara Tsek"
In the Android version, the following connection with the blood glucose meter is possible.

◆USB cable connection with blood glucose meter
It is possible to connect with the following blood sugar measuring device by USB cable.

・GLUCOCARD S (GT-7110) Distributior:ARKRAY, Inc.

Supported USB cable
・Comon MB-10

Connection confirmed smartphone list is here

1.Compatible Android devices : Android OS 4.0 or higher (USB host function models)
2.Supported USB cord is Data Transfer USB cord which have microUSB typeB (male connector) for Blood glucosemeter. Please note depending on the type of Android, it may not work properly.

It can be downloaded by accessing the " Tara Tsek " in two ways.

1.Access by typing the URL directly
Smartphone app:http://taratsek.net/app/

2.Access to read the QR code on your smartphone (Android or iOS)

QR code (for App)