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Diabetes treatment requires delicate management of blood glucose levels in daily life. This website applies internet technology to maintain a blood glucose monitoring record for the purpose of assisting diabetes patients with their blood glucose management on a daily basis. In doing so, they can maintain their health more easily.


Visualize Blood Glucose Level

It is easy to know the swing of Blood Glucose Levels and Blood Glucose Level related data like Meal (photos), Steps (Activity) on a screen such as Daily Graph.

Support with many graph displays

Support your diabetic lifestyle by visualizing various data such as Blood Glucose level, HbA1c, Weight, Blood Pressure, and Steps (Activity) in graphs.


Output the input data to PDF

Blood Glucose Levels and other records can be output to PDF in a diabetes logbook format. You can print it and bring it to a medical institution.

About JADEC logbook

If you want to use printed PDF instead of the JADEC logbook, please ask your doctor in advance.


Cooperation with Smart e-SMBG

Cooperation with smartphone application "Smart e-SMBG" help your daily data input more convenient and your data in the application will be saved safely on the cloud.

Google Play

App-Cloud cooperation

Using cooperation between Smart e-SMBG and e-SMBG cloud, you can send an alert mail to other users you set in advance when hypoglycemia occurs.


Data sharing with other users

You can share your data with other users and exchange comments. Support your diabetic lifestyle by sharing data with your family and medical staff.

Easy sharing (Visitor) settings

You can show your data only for the users you set sharing (Visitor) settings in advance

Pick up Contents

e-SMBG Manual

Posting e-SMBG Cloud and Smart e-SMBG instruction manual.

Smart e-SMBG

Check the Android / iPhone application which can also be used in synchronization with e-SMBG Cloud.

Challenge48 on paper

PDF data of paper challenge 48 which can write movement of blood glucose value by handwriting can be downloaded.

e-SMBG Cloud Update


Notice of addition of function

2022, 01, 11

Notice of addition of viewer comment function

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Notice of Server Maintenance

2021, 7, 21

Notice of Server Maintenance

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Notice of Server Maintenance

2020, 11, 10

Notice of Server Maintenance

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